Hi guys!

Here's your chance to enjoy some real local food! My name is Fred, I was born in Würzburg and I want to cook for and with you. At 7pm on selected days, you will have the opportunity to join a traditional franconian dinner. If you want to join, all you need to do is to book at the reception until 2pm on the day. Eight participants is the maximum, but there might be a chance to join spontaneously. You will see the menu choice on the board at the reception. Food should be ready around 7:45 pm for those who only would like to join for eating, however, I’d be happy to meet you earlier already and introduce you to the art of franconian cooking. Costs will be only between 3,50€ and 4€, both the hostel and my self-help group for late deafened people are happy to take donations.

Important notice:

I am a 100% deaf. This means, the best way to communicate with me is via pen and paper, which will always be at hand. Languages of choice are English, German, Español. You also need to be facing me if you want to ask something, for example how you can help. ;-). I'll surely have a task for you, in fact, I'd be glad if you helped.

Next dates will be in September.

Cook with Fred!

Next dates will be

in September!