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Any time in Würzburg: Sonnenstuhl- Turm

Veröffentlicht von Rapha am Apr 20 2020

Hello friends!

As long as we are closed we still want to provide you with positivity and with information on what beautiful things you can experience in and around Würzburg.


Part V: Sonnenstuhlturm

General information

The Sonnenstuhlturm is a lookout tower close to Randersacker . Its name can be translated to "Sun Stool Tower" as it was built on the vineyard called Sonnenstuhl. The tower was built before the Second World War to warrant a great view on the river Main, the areas adjacent to Ochsenfurt as wells as the castle Marienberg.

After the war the tower could be prevented from being raised. But until that day it did not have a proper name on its own. But the people of Randersacker and Würzburg mostly called it "Kartoffelturm" ("Potatoe Tower"). In the year 1972 it was finally and officially given the name Sonnenstuhlturm. But the people still call it Kartoffelturm in every-day speech.

General facts:
Height: 7,5m (24' 7'')
Height including the platforms: 10,3m (33' 9'')
Diameter of the upper platform: 27,5m (90' 2'')
Diameter of the lower platform: 18,5m (60' 8'')
Diameter of the tower's foot: 12,5m (41')
Diameter of the tower's top: 8m (26' 3'')

What to do at the Sonnenstuhlturm

The tower is located in the vineyards of Randersacker which produce some of the best wine in Lower Franconia. The whole area is worth a hike. You can start in Würzburg and then either go alongside the river Main or directly walk through the vineyards. Wherever you look, you will see a beautiful idyllic coexistence of nature and human life. Trees, shrubbery and meadows are omnipresent between the river and the mountains. Once you go uphill you can enjoy the fantastic clean air of this region. And when you arrive at the Sonnenstuhlturm you will have a magnificient panoramic view.

Also, there is a lot of signposting telling you about the history of wine making in Lower Franconia. Here you can learn how vineries got to these rich hills and how they optimized the landscape and human life in the whole region.
Last but not least, when you hike to the Sonnenstuhlturm you should definitely grab some wine at one of the vineyard stores in Randersacker (or in Eibelstadt ).


All photos were take by our colleague Lotte.

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