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Any time in Würzburg: The Green West Part I

Veröffentlicht von Rapha am May 03 2020

Hello friends!

As long as we are closed we still want to provide you with positivity and with information on what beautiful things you can experience in and around Würzburg.

This week's post ist the first part of a threefold hike through the Western margins of Würzburg. Expect beautiful green and calm places.
Our journey begins in the Steinbachtal.

Part VI a: Steinbachtal

Steinbachtal literally translated means "Stone Creek Valley". As you might expect throughout Germany there are tons of places called Steinbachtal in Germany. But anyways, we're only exploring the one in Würzburg today.

Steinbachtal also is the name of the district of Würzburg around the valley which is situated between the districts Zellerau and Heidingsfeld. You can get there by Tram line 3 and 5 (Stop at "Steinbachtal"), or you can walk or cycle there. If you are on the Western side of the river anyway, you can just follow the road. If you begin your journey in the district Sanderau, you can cross the pedestrian bridge which directly leads you towards the tram stop as well. From now on, you' wall up hill.

The Steinbachtal is a gorgeous refugium for flora and fauna. The paths go between plenty of big old trees, shrubbery and small plants. Here, there are plenty of small animals such as insects, small mammals and plenty of birds. The calm green area grants a safe space for many creatures. The vast versatility of plants adds to this effect as well as the fertile land.

On several signs along the past you can learn about regional birds that live in the Steinbachtal and what their habits are like. For those of you who have not travelled the German countryside, yet: don't be afraid! You will not encounter dangerous animals unless you leave the paths. Nevertheless, you should steer clear from areas off the paths since the residents of the woods fancy their distance from human beings.

So be nice to animals. But actually, you should do that wherever.

The further you wander uphill you will recognize a small river bed on your right hand side. That is (or was) the Steinbach ("Stone Creek"). Up hill the bed is still leading water in the lower regions it is mostly dry. That means, you can actually walk through the old river bed. If you prefer the easier way, you can of course stay on the main path which is parallel to the dry bed.

The picture on the right shows a little pond you will encounter on your way. Obviously, this pond is human-made. Nevertheless, it is a gorgeous spot where you can rest and enjoy the view. Between clean air, the joyful sounds of the forest and the meditative air of the countryside you'll find some benches where you can enjoy some food or drink. But don't litter! Nature is more beautiful without your candy wrapper!

Between huge old trees and gorgeous rocks there are plenty of plants. Some of them are edible and can make a tasty additive to your cuisine. Many people from Würzburg and the surrounding area come here to collect bear's garlic which can be used for salad, pesto, herb butter or as an ingredient for cooked meals. Another plant you'll find here is the garlic root whose leaves are fantastic for herb butter. And of course, dandelion can be found here - an underrated ingredient for a yummy salad.

When you want to collect plants and herbs, please inform yourself about edible plants before you start. We donot encourage you to eat whatever you find without knowing what it is. Those of you who watched "Into the Wild" know what we're talking about. It is always better to have a book on herbs, a helpful smartphone app or a person with expertise in edible plants with you.

After about one hour, you will find the Steinbach leading water on your right hand side. Now you can either climb up the hill even further or you cross the bridge to your right. On the hike reported here, the latter was done.

On the other side of the bridge there is a regular street with some fancy houses. Here, the entrance of the Annaschlucht ("Anna's Gorge" / "Anna's Canyon") is situated. Also, there is a bus station closeby. So, if you already had enough for today, you can easily ride or walk back into town.

If you fancy further exploration and andventure, you can follow us to the Annaschlucht. Stay with us and join us for the second part of our hike which will be uploaded next week.

Stay safe and see you next week!

Your Babelfish Team

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