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Any Time in Würzburg: The Green West Part III

Veröffentlicht von Rapha am May 17 2020

Hello friends!

As long as we are closed we still want to provide you with positivity and with information on what beautiful things you can experience in and around Würzburg.

This week's post ist the third and final part of a threefold hike through the Western margins of Würzburg. Expect beautiful green and calm places.
This week we're walking from the Frankenwarte to the Käppele and back into town.


Part VIc: Käppele

As last week we ended at the Frankenwarte, we are now heading towards the green areas next to it. Here, there are beautiful meadows with plenty of old trees and gorgeous places to rest. Directly after passing the Frankenwarte, the area looks like a park which could also be situated in the middle of town. So, don't be confused. You're not in the Ringpark ! This is still the Western margin of Würzburg.

There are several hikings paths crossing this park. One of them is the famous Romantic Road. If this path catches your attention, you can read this article on a cycle trip along the Romantic Road .

The further you go you will see that the countryside slightly changes. The park-like features slowly vanish and your surroundings more and more resemble a real forest. But as you are also approaching the town again, there are roads nearby and also two beer gardens are close. So if you're exhausted from the trip, why don't stop for a cold drink and some exquisite Franconian cuisine?

As mentioned in the introduction, you are approaching the Käppele. But before you reach this building, another gorgeous spot will draw your attention. On the right hand side you will encounter a scenic lookout platform. As the town of Würzburg was built in a valley, of course there are plenty of spots from where you can overlook our small beautiful town. But this is special due to the fact, it is hardly known to both tourists and residents. So, while mostly people watch over Würzburg from either the Castle or the vineyards in Grombühl, here you'll have a panoramic view only few people know off.

You can see the dense district Sanderau as well parts of the districts Frauenland and even the Hubland Campus. Looking right, Heuchelhof on the hill and Randersacker on the other side of the river can be spotted. Looking left you can see the old town, parts of Zellerau and even the vineyards of Grombühl.

Again, this is a nice spot to rest. If you haven't eaten at one of the beer gardens and cannot wait until you reach the Käppele, this is a good chance to consume the remains of your field kit. And if your legs are getting tired, don't worry for the end of the hike is near.

Soon you will see the first signs telling you, you are almost at the Käppele. Now you might wonder what the meaning of the word Käppele is. Well, it is not a general German word. Käppele is the Lower Franconian term for "small chapel". Chapel in German is "Kappelle". Käppele though, is a Lower Franconian diminuitive. That does not mean the chapel is small. Franconians just love diminuitives. For those who are interested in Franconian dialects: if the chapel was built in Middle Franconia or Upper Franconia, it would probably be called "Käppela".

Anyways, the real name of this gorgeous building is "Wallfahrtskirche Mariä Heimsuchung" ("pilgrimage church of St. Mary's affliction). But nobody uses that term. The chapel was constructed in the middle of the 18th century and until today it is a famous spot for pilgrims.

From the terrace you will once again have an impressing panoramic view over the old town. Also, there is a small store selling regional goods, such as wine and onion bread. Passing by the chapel you will descend plenty of stairs. The decorations of this path are the stations of the cross. So, when you walk down like we did, you will encounter Jesus Christs' way to the cross in reverse order.

The last stairs end in the district Mainviertel - one of the most original parts of old Würzburg. Close by there are several places to go to. First, you will encounter the Biertümpel - one of the most famous pubs amongst the residents of Würzburg.

When you decide on passing this etablissement, you will pass a kebab store and then see the Alte Mainbrücke straight ahead ("Old Main Bridge", Main is the name of the river and does not refer to the English word "main"). This famous spot will be acqauinted to most of you as far if you have already visited Würzburg. Nevertheless, it is always worth a visit. Lots of people meet there, drink some wine from the adjacent inn or consume beverages and food they brought. Also, you will most likely see some street musicians performing here.

Once you have crossed the bridge, you're back in the old town. What to do now? Well, you can always go to the promenade and enjoy the beautiful riverside or you can of course head back to the hostel. When doing the latter, why not stop at the Standard ?

We hope you enjoyed our trip through the Green West of Würzburg. Next week, we're providing you with more information on what to do in our beautiful small town.

Stay healthy and don't forget your towel.

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