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Any time in Würzburg: The Kult

Veröffentlicht von Rapha am Mar 30 2020

Hello friends!

As long as we are closed we still want to provide you with positivity and with information on what beautiful things you can experience in and around Würzburg.


Part II: The Kult

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The Kult was founded in 1989. The idea was to create an open space where people can escape the pressures from the high-speed world outside. Therefore, the Kult became a safe haven for everyone who wanted to rest, relax and enjoy a cup of coffee, some good food or a refreshing glass of cold beer.

From day one, the Kult is known for its non-profit and direct democratic attitude. Thus, the Kult does not have a "boss" or any "leadership". Instead, everyone who works there participates at regular meetings where future program, menu and general issues and points of interest are discussed.

This approach to a "business" appears to work very well as the Kult is famous amongst people of all ages. Every day people enjoy the fantastic food from the Kult's menu. Almost all dishes on the menu are vegetarian and they are also available in a vegan version. Nowadays, this is almost normal, but ten to fifteemn years ago, this was something extraordinary. The regular menu contains yummy meals such as the Vegan Schnitzel, Vegan Kebab or the tasty potatoe wedges and plenty of great dips.
In the morning, the Kult offers its "Wahlfrühstück". At this special breakfast buffet you'll fill out a sheet on which you tick off any ingredient you like and then you'll be served. By the way, the coffee mugs are huge.
Another culinary highlight takes places every Sunday and Monday when it's time for "Wahlpizza". Similar to the "Wahlfrühstück" you'll tick off the ingredients you want to have on your pizza or gratin.

Besides their tasty food, the Kult serves softdrinks, beer, wine and shots. Everything on the menu is from local produce. Spontanously occuring special offers are no rarity here. So, there is always a "Schnaps der Stunde" ('shot of the hour'). More temporal specials on concerning food and drinks will regularly be posted on the Kult's facebook page .


Happenings and Events at the Kult

The Kult is Photo Credit: open seven days a week. You can have breakfast, supper and lunch here and then move on to drinking beer and liquor. Also, there are always newspapers you can read for free and when the weather is nice you can sit outside and enjoy your life on the beautiful cobblestone road Landwehrstraße. Inside the friendly staff of the Kult will always provide you with great music and good company.

From time to time though there are special events taking place at the Kult. Concerts by small bands such as Les Trucs have created amazing nights and long parties. Another huge event is the Kult's anniversary party at which tons of little extra and specials are about to happen. There will be live music, special drinks, special food and some famous guests.

Besides, there are some video game nights and parties dedicated to certain styles of music (e.g. Punk Rock, Electro, Dub, etc.). Most recently the series "Listening Cult" has delighted a lot of guests. At these events musicians do not only present their work like they do on a concert. Listening Cult is combined with a huge learning effect because the artists tell the audience about their music, as in its origins, its functions, how it is produced, where it is conceived etc.

In present days, the Listening Cult series takes place as a live stream. If you're interested, click here .

We hope that we can have some yummy Vegan Gyros and Mousse au Chcocolat again real soon. All the best and until next week!


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