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Any time in Würzburg: The Ringpark

Veröffentlicht von Rapha am Mar 23 2020

Hello friends!

As long as we are closed we still want to provide you with positivity and with information on what beautiful things you can experience in and around Würzburg.


Part I: The Ringpark

From 1878 till 1896 the park around the residence was built. Before, the park area was an old fortress or set of walls, called " Glacis ". Therefore, even today you will still encounter residents of Würzburg calling the Ringpark Glacis.

Around the old Glacis there were alleys of poplar trees and before the old fortification got turned into a park, there were some meadows and orchards, and also some small vineyards around the residence. Well, if you know the Würzburgers, you know they grow  wine whereever they can.

The reason why in those days the people of Würzburg could not just erase the fortification and build something beautiful was - who would have thought it - due to politics. The Glacis was property of the Kingdom of Bavaria . And hence, the town of Würzburg first had to buy the old fortification from the Kingdom.
Just imagine, you have an ugly rock lying in your garden, but you have to buy it from the city council first, so you can remove it.
Anyways, in 1870 the Glacis finally belonged to the the town of Würzburg and thus the fortification could be demolished and replaced with soil so plants and trees could be grown and the place could become a proper park. Finally, it only needed a name. Good thing that the mayor of Würzburg was in Vienna before and really loved the Ringstraße ("Ring Road") there.


The Ringpark today

Nowadays, we don't need fortification any more and therefore we are really glad that instead of old military buildings we have a beautiful park that surrounds most parts of the old town. Instead, the Ringpark has grown to be Würzburg's biggest green area. Plenty of plants, trees, mammals, birds, insects, and much more wildlife has found refuge in the green belt around our town.

If you have ever had the chance to sneak through the park by dusk and you were really calm, you might have gotten the chance to spot some rabbits. Actually, sometimes it's hard to miss them since there are so many rabbits in the park.

Botanists or other plant lovers will have a great time at the Ringpark, too. Some rare and uncommon plants and trees were imported to grow there within the last one-and-a-half centuries. Each rare plant is denoted with a small label telling its name, origin and some further features.

Another effect of the Ringpark is its ecological one. The park functions as a natural barrier for sound, emissions, heat, and city life. When you walk through the green paths and breath in you might neither hear, smell or feel that there is at least on big road going along near you. Also, the trees store a lot of CO2, and we all know why that's good.

What to do at the Ringpark?

So, what are we going to do with all that information?
Why not, first of all grab a blanket, some food, some drinks and maybe some outdoor games. The Ringpark is one of the most vibrant areas for leisure and fun in Würzburg.

You will see joggers, walkers, yoga courses and other kinds of sportive events at any time of the year in the park. But once the temperature is warm enough to spend time outside without running, the green area is getting crowded with people.

There are several playgrounds for children in the park and on the many benches and green areas you will see people everywhere. Between the trees there's space for slacklines, there are always people playing kubb , there is enough space for badminton, frisbee, and so on. Basically, if you prefer not to be exposed to the sun directly, you'll spend your leisure time in Würzburg in the Ringpark. Also, you will always meet friendly people here because once you enter this gorgeous park, you'll immediately become happier.

Last but not least, there is one event taking place at the Ringpark. For obvious reasons it's called the Ringparkfest. The annual event in August features a lot of fun. And by this we mean live music, entertainment for children, a tombola, beer and wine, and of course Franconian Bratwurst .

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