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Any time in Würzburg: The Standard

Veröffentlicht von Rapha am Apr 06 2020

Hello friends!

As long as we are closed we still want to provide you with positivity and with information on what beautiful things you can experience in and around Würzburg.


Part III: The Standard

General information:

Those of you who have asked a receptionist at Babelfsh Hostel for a recommendation on where to drink a beer are very likely to have heard of the Standard. Also, if you have ever participated in our Pub Crawl the chances that you had a drink at the Standard are at leats 94%.

So what is this place our staff loves so much? The Standard is a young bar close to the Barbarossa Square. With this perfect location the pub is situated outside the two bar hotspots Semmelstraße and Sanderstraße, but still close enough for a great pub crawl. Once you enter the doors of the Standard, you immediately feel welcomed by the long bar, the comfy seats and the great music.

Besides the beer and wine menu that contains plenty of local treasures, the Standard offers a lot of tasty shots and also warm or cold soft drinks. You should try their selfmade lemonade! Also, the variety of tea and coffee will make all costumers happy.
But that is not all! There is food, too. You can choose from a huge menu of tasty dishes. Sweat? Hot? Vegan? Allergic? The Standard can serve you all.The extensive menu features meals for everyone. And while we are at it: you should definitely try the pepper cream sauce (Pfefferrahmsoße) which can be ordered as a dip for chips (Pommes Frites), Swabian egg noodles with cheese (Käsespätzle) or pasta.

The daily menu will furthermore help you to catch great special offers and to eat regional and seasonal food. The Standard always presents the typical food of each season in Franconia. That means, if you love freshly made wine (Federweißer) and onion quiche (Zwiebelkuchen), you can have a great time at the Standard in early autumn.

So you might as, what the Standard is doing in times of the lockdown? Well, they're delivering. On their website you'll find more info. Just call the Standard during their opening hours, place your order and get on your way to pick it up. This way you can still support the Standard and also, you can still enjoy the fantastic meals. We can tell you, many people in Würzburg have been craving for a spoon of pepper cream sauce for the past few weeks.


Happenings and events at the Standard

So what else is there apart from good music, friendly people, and good supply on tasty food and beverages? There are a lot of events and happenings taking place at the Standard. Many game nights can either begin spontaneously or are planned by the staff. As a very special game night, the bar holds a Schafkopf Tournament. Further, there are regular meetings by writers and authors in Würzburg and also the pub choir ( Würzburger Kneipenchor ) meets here.

So far, we have only told you about the upper storey. Once you go down the stairs, you will encounter the beautiful basement of the Standard. Here, there is another bar and a stage. Lots of events take place at this magical place. For example there are two open jam sessions being held here every month. To give the non-Jazzers a chance, one of the jam sessions is dedicated to Jazz only. Also, open mic sessions, parties such as A Strange Effect or plenty of concerts take place in this basement. Every second Monday there is a pub quiz which contemporarily is sourced out to the Stanard's Facebook page . And last but not least you can rent the basement room for your own party.

Thanks to everyone from the Standard for being there and doing what you do. The Babelfish staff misses you!


Credits: All photos from Standard on Facebook

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