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Any time in Würzburg: Veitshöchheim

Veröffentlicht von Rapha am Apr 13 2020

Hello friends!

As long as we are closed we still want to provide you with positivity and with information on what beautiful things you can experience in and around Würzburg.

Part IV: Veitshöchheim

General information:

Veitshöchheim is a community close to Würzburg. It was in the news recently since Veitshöchheim-Gadheim is the new geographic centre of the European Union.
With around 1,000 residents Veitshöchheim is rather tiny. Still the community is worth a day trip. You can get to Veitshöchheim by bicycle or you can ride there by bus. But honestly, we recommend you to cycle. The route to Veitshöchheim is really gorgeous. You will go past some beautiful countryside with the river Main and the vineyards. Once you are there, you will see there is a lot to in Veitshöchheim.

What to do in Veitshöchheim:

The riverside has a lot of cafés and ice cream parlours, but let's get some cultural input first. In the centre of Veitshöchheim there is a Jewish museum containing a synagogue. Here you can learn a lot about Jewish life in Franconia.
Also, Veitshöchheim has a beautiful castle which used to be the summer residence of Würzburg's bishop. The castle is an enormous and gorgeous building surrounded by a breathtaking garden. There are similarities to the Residence in Würzburg, but honestly, the castle of Veitshöchheim has its very own air. One major reason for this is the "Hofgarten", as the garden is called. It is one of the most gorgeous Rokoko gardens in Europe.
The historic core of the community has a lot more beautiful sites for you. Two very obvious eye candies are the beautiful waterfront and the view of the neighbouring community Margetshöchheim which is right across the Main.
If you are looking for some entertainment you can visit some of the numerous ice cream parlours, beer gardens, cafés, restaurants and pubs or inns in Veitshöchheim.
Also, in summer the community holds a feast with lots of small attractions, music, beverages, food and more fun. If you want to experience an authentic and traditional Franconian feast, the "Altortfest" is the event to attend. Furthermore, Veitshöchheim holds the biggest and most famous event for carnival in Bavaria. At the "Prunksitzung" all politicians from the federal government have to undergo being satirized. And most of them actually attend this event.
We hope, we gave you a little insight on our neighbouring community. If you need further advise on how to get there or what to do there, ask our receptionists. They know how to use Google.

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