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Babelfish Newsletter: February 13, 2023

Veröffentlicht von Rapha am Feb 13 2023

MONDAY 13 February

Food: Vegane VoKü @Café Cairo, 17:00h:
Daal with Chickpeas provided by Teddy Shows and Schweinfurt Hardcore

Concert: ChickenSwings Big Band @Chambinzky, 19:30h:
Swing / Jazz / Big Band

Party: Getränkepyramide @Club Katze, 22:00h:
Prices for Drinks are 1,50€ from 10pm to 10.30pm. Every thirty minutes, the prices increase by 50c - start early, drink cheaper.

TUESDAY 14 February

Food: Flammkuchentag @Café Jenseits, 11:00h:
Special Offers on Tarte Flambé

Flea Market @Chambinzky, 20:00h:
Fashion DIY Flea Market for Valentine's Day

Party: Studi-Dienstag @Bombe, 21:00h:
free entry, mixed music

WEDNESDAY 15 February

Lesung: xYunglitx @Café Cairo, 19:30h:
[event in German language]
Junge Autor*innen präsentieren ihre Texte

Concert: Cellotta / Hummingbyrds @Chambinzky, 19:30h:
Folk / Pop

Concert: Pablo Brooks @Posthalle, 20:00h:
Synth Pop

THURSDAY 16 February

Concert: Tanzkinder / No Restrictions @Chambinzky, 19:30h:
Soul / Funk / Ska

Concert: Joe & The Crazy Pandemics feat. Joe Flügel @Keller Z87, 20:00h:

Party: Normale Donnerstagsdisko @Kurt & Komisch, 22:00h:
Hip Hop, Trap, 808, and more

FRIDAY 17 February

Französisch Stammtisch @Mainbäck, 20:00h:
Bienvenue! This event is for everyone who loves to speak French or who likes to improve their skills in this beautiful language.

Concert: New Candys / The Good Hex @Immerhin, 21:00h:
Post Punk / New Wave

Party: DAS Doppel @Labyrinth, 22:00h:
Rock / Metal / Punk - Special Offer: get two beers for the price of one!

Party: gay.volution @Zauberberg, 22:00h:
Würzburg's biggest LBTQIA+ Party

SATURDAY 18 February

Party: Tuntenball @Chambinzky, 20:00h:
The wildest, queerest, and most colourful carnival party in town

Rave: Verirrte Fabelwesen @Labyrinth, 22:00h:
Huge and colourful enchanted forest on two floors

Party: Schnelle Party @Posthalle, 23:00h:
Rap, Cloud, New Wave with Djimhighimsorry

Drinks: Pitcher Latenight @Beerhouse 111, 23:00h:
Special Offers on Pitchers (1,5 litres)

SUNDAY 19 February

Yoga: Asanas for Beginners @Yoga Insel, 10:00h:
End the Week with something good for your body and soul

Concert: Fused Trio @Immerhin, 17:00h:
Free Jazz / Jazz Rock

Drinks: 22 Choices for Students @Beerhouse 111, 19:00h:
Special Offers for Students

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