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Cycling through Bavara: Part 3

Veröffentlicht von Rapha am Oct 17 2019
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Day 3: from Dinkelsbühl to Nördlingen (ca. 40km / 25 miles):
You might have realized that for today we chose a rather short distance. Well, it was very hot, and we were thus exhausted. Also, the next camp site after Nördlingen is in Donauwörth , and we did not feel like cycling another 30 kilometres (19 miles) from Nördlingen to Donauwörth. Like I mentioned before, we are just average bikers with a lot of luggage packed on our vehicles.
The route to Nördlingen is a very pleasant one though. This section of the Romantic Road only has few steep slopes and leads through plenty of small forests on cobble and dirt roads. If some of you like downhill biking, dirt bike cycling or similar outside activities connected with highspeed and dirty routes, you should definitely check this area out.
Between huge crop fields, rich green forests, tiny creeks and rivers, and a clear blue sky we slowly approached our next destination Nördlingen. On our way we passed the monastery of Wallerstein . And, some of you might already know what monasteries contain besides monks, nuns, beautiful gardens, and religious sites: beer! Have a look at the brewery’s website if you are interested.
The brewery of Fürst Wallerstein or their products are absolutely worth a try. Or more. Also, Nördlingen is a gorgeous small town and an amazing spot for cyclist to rest as here three main cycle routes cross: The Romantic Road, the Schwäbische-Alb-Weg , and the Ries-Radweg . Between cobbled roads, beautiful medieval buildings, and nice little stores, travellers from all directions meet for some rest, dinner, or a glass of Fürst Wallerstein beer.

While we were in Nördlingen, we had to learn that spontaneity is an important aspect of travelling. The only camp site in town was closed and it was already too late to travel on to Donauwörth. Thus, we had a drink, did some thinking and finally decided on taking the train to Augsburg since we did not fancy to pay for a hotel room. Anyone not travelling with a tent will find sweet little hotels or pensions in Nördlingen. For more information about the cute spot click here . For informations on public transport you can always use the Bayern Fahrplan which you also find as a mobile version in the App Store.

In Augsburg we checked in at our partner hostel Übernacht (overnight) and decided on spending the next whole day in this beautiful town. Augsburg is the biggest town in the Bavarian region of Schwaben (Swabia) , and has a lot to offer which we were excited on exploring. Have a look at the Übernacht’s site if you are interested in sleeping there as well. As Augsburg is a huge town, you can also use couchsurfing here easily, and of course there are more hostels, hotels, pensions, b&bs, and much more here.
In Augsburg we visited a fantastic market with local goods, and had some drinks at the Dreizehn (Thirteen) , a fantastic vegan place you should check out. Since the weather was not too nice, we did not do much sightseeing and planned the next step of our journey instead.

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