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Cycling through Bavaria: Part 2

Veröffentlicht von Rapha am Oct 10 2019
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Day 2: from Rothenburg to Dinkelsbühl (ca. 50km / 32 miles):

Our second destination was the Middle Franconian town of Dinkelsbühl. The German FOCUS magazine actually voted this place to have the most beautiful in Germany. Also, those of you who are into Rock music or Heavy Metal might have heard of the Summer Breeze Festival which takes places near Dinkelsbühl annually.

Speaking of heavy, the first 15 kilometres from Rothenburg to Schillingsfürst were definitely the hardest part to cycle. The slopes on this section of the Romantic Road are a tough task for average bikers like us who do not ride e-bikes.Anyways, once you reach the top of the hill in Schillingsfürst, you can treat yourselves with a nice cup of coffee or some tasty pastry at the local bakery.
Here, you can take your time and decide which route to continue on: you can either take the longer way along the Romantic Road and travel through the gorgeous town of Feuchtwangen , or you can do it like we did, and take the shorter Wörnitzradweg (Wörnitz cycle route) . The Wörnitzradweg follows the tiny river Wörnitz and leads you through plenty of super small villages. Many of them are so small they do not even have street names! The route goes through beautiful fields and open countryside. Here are some pictures from our ride along this route.

Once the Wörnitzradweg and the Romantic Road conjoined again, we reached a region with many small lakes and lots of small forests which grow between the small settlements, farms, and villages. Dinkelsbühl and its gorgeous old town came closer.
Here we found one of the most beautiful camp sites I have ever witnessed. Check the website if you are interested in camping next to a nice lake surrounded by trees and grass. Pensions, hotels, and other accommodations are available in Dinkelsbühl as well, for those who do not fancy sleeping in a tent as much as we do.

Next we will be back with more footage from our trip, and the route from Dinkelsbühl to Nördlingen . Stay tuned.

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