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Cycling through Bavaria: Part 4

Veröffentlicht von Rapha am Oct 24 2019
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Day 5: from Augsburg to Buch am Ammersee (ca. 50km / 32 miles):

Fully recovered after our one-day break we got back on our saddles to our next destination: the beautiful lake called Ammersee .
After riding through the city forest of Augsburg we had to cross two very boring villages Mering and Merching until we got on the beautiful Paartaltour (Paar Valley Tour) , a gorgeous cycle route along the river Paar.
The route is full of cute little villages with some really old buildings that are likely to be older than 150 years. With a constant but light slope the roads are pleasant to cycle on, and the beautiful environment with little creeks, lots of trees, fantastic air, and plenty of meadows adds up to the route’s beauty.
Compared to the ride from Rothenburg to Dinkelsbühl which is about the same distance, we did not feel exhausted at all until we reached the Northern top of the Ammersee.

With our clothes a little wet from the rain we reached the beautiful lake. The good thing for travellers like us here is, there are lots of camp sites around the water and you can decide whether to camp on the Eastern, Southern, or Western shore. We decided for the first due to two reasons: it was closer to out next destinations Andechs and Wolfratshausen , and we hoped to get to see the sunset over the lake.
Downside of this station was not primarily the rain, but the fact that the cycle routes are poorly signposted in this area, and we had a hard time finding the village of Buch am Ammersee where we decided to put up our tents. I will come back to poor signposting later. Also, by the time this article is out, I will already have contacted the ADFC (German Cyclists Club) about this issue.
Nevertheless, the lake is beautiful and once we got to the camp site, we felt happy, and decided on staying there for two nights, so we could explore the area around the lake, and especially the monastery of St. Andechs . The camp site was very quiet and was situated directly on the shore of the Ammersee. It does not have a website, but you will find some info here .

Early the next morning we cycled to the next town Herrsching am Ammersee where we locked our bikes, bought some food at a local bakery, and prepared ourselves for some hiking. Herrsching is a beautiful small town directly at the lake with plenty of accommodation for tourists. You will find a lot more info on the town and its hospitality here .
For us the main attraction was the monastery St. Andechs. And if you remember what I wrote earlier, you will know what that means.
Hiking up the mountains and through the gorgeous forest surrounding Herrsching is a perfect preparation for a long stop at the monastery’s inn, or as they call it in Upper Bavarian, “Gaststüberl”.
Next to the impressive architecture of the monastery’s buildings, various religious sites, and the fantastic view unto the valley, Kloster Andechs provides its guests with the most formidable treats of Bavarian cuisine and brewing.

This is what a happy Babelfish receptionist looks like when enjoying a tasty sip of St. Andechs Spezial. For more information about the place, its history, pilgrimage, accommodation, the inn, and much more, use the link .
This might have been my personal climax of the journey. Another reason to that is the fact that after we returned from the monastery, it began pouring like crazy.


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