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Cycling through Bavaria: Part 5 (final part)

Veröffentlicht von Rapha am Oct 31 2019
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Day 7: from Buch am Ammersee to Wolfratshausen (ca. 35km / 21 miles):
Honestly, this part of our journey sucked. The signposting for cycle routes East of the Ammersee is a sheer catastrophe. It took us two hours of straight cycling to finally get to the adjacent lakes Wörthsee and Pilsensee , and still we found signs saying we were 10km (6 miles) away from Herrsching . And then again, there was no single sign for another eternity. Seriously, that was no fun at all. The masses of water pouring down on us did not help a little in making us happier.

Besides, the area is nice. Lots of green meadows and beautiful forests on hills. I wish, we could have enjoyed it more. The picture above shows our shelter in the small village Unering where we finally decided that we cannot continue all the way to Wolfratshausen . Fortunately, we could catch a bus from the village to the nearby town of Starnberg , and then move on to Wolfratshausen by tram.
Wolfratshausen and its surrounding area is a gorgeous pre-alpine area with plenty of environmental sites, such as the Walchensee (Walchen Lake) , the monastery Schäftlarn (yes, we had a beer there), the Herzogstand , Lake Starnberg , and of course you can always catch a tram to Munich .

With those pictures from Walchensee and Herzogstand, I will say goodbye to all readers, and say thank you for the attention. If you have any annotations, questions, or further comments, feel free to contact me via email or comment on our Facebook profile where all other parts of the journey are uploaded.
All the best and safe travels!
Raphael from Babelfish Hostel Würzburg


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