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Diary of a New Würzburger: A Würzburg Checklist

Veröffentlicht von Administrator am Sep 10 2019
NEWS » Diary of a new Würzburger

Two years ago I arrived in Würzburg to start my Master’s degree, knowing nothing about the city or Franconia, and very little about Germany! Thankfully after starting work at Babelfish, I met an endless stream of people that were more than happy to share their knowledge – both locals and students like my co-workers, guests from the area popping in for a show at the beloved Immerhin venue, and backpackers excited to start a trip down the Romantic Road.

As this year’s summer begins to wind down and the trees at the Ringpark are changing colour I am also preparing to leave Würzburg, and I have been thinking – have I really done everything on the ‘Würzburg checklist’? How is it possible that I am still finding new things to see, do and try?! In my third September here I finally made it to Stramu, the street music festival that floods the old town with almost every genre of music there is, and I finally tried Federweisser, the sweet and fizzy first drink to be made with Franconian grapes available for just a few weeks each year.

I’m beginning to realise, though, that I might never do everything on the ‘Würzburg checklist,’ because everyone you ask has something new to add. Just the other day I mentioned I’ve never had the fries with pfefferrahm sauce at the bar Standard, and my co-worker replied with “What?! Never?! How could you!?”

For what it’s worth, I have no problem with never completing the list, because it means I’ll always have a reason to come back, but just in case you are here – for a day or an entire degree – I’ll leave my own checklist here!


Freundliche Grüße,



☐  The Residenz (Don’t miss the chapel!)

☐ The Marienburg Fortress (take the Weinwanderung way up)

☐ Döner Ali Baba (If the cheerful chef isn’t enough, all the bread is freshly baked!)

☐ The Lehnleite City Park (okay it’s a little far out, but worth it in Spring!)

☐ Taking a picnic to the river at Sanderrau

☐ The Kappelle (worth the hike!)

☐ Wine on the Alte Mainbrücke (this is an obvious one – I recommend the Silvaner, or the Federweisser if you’re lucky enough to find it!)

☐ The towns of Lohr am Main, Gemünden am Main or Kitzingen for an afternoon vacation

☐ A Babelfish Pub Crawl (the best way to get a story to tell for every bar in town!)

☐ The Marktplatz (it’s Würzburg, hang around long enough and you’ll be in the middle of a festival you’ve never heard of before!)

☐ Babelfish Hostel (for having the best co-workers, tour guides, German teachers, drinking buddies, emergency accommodation, beer experts and grilling experts around – thank you guys, for everything.)

☐ …and the fries with pfefferrahm sauce at Standard, apparently!

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