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Diary of a New Würzburger: Breakfasting in Würzburg

Veröffentlicht von am Jan 11 2018
NEWS » Diary of a new Würzburger

Happy New Year! This week in Wuerzburg we have seen quite a few blue skies, and the whole town feels cheerful after the Christmas break. This has been good news for me as I’ve been able to take the time to wander around during breaks from work and university looking for places I still haven’t – there is a lot, as it turns out! One of the things I enjoy about my hometown is that there are plenty of places to stop in for breakfast or brunch, and this is actually one of the things that it has in common with Wuerzburg.

Wuerzburg’s cafes are in such variety that it would take a long time to get through them all (though many of them are even still open on Sundays), here a just a few with breakfasts that are worth getting out of bed for!



Fred is a super trendy café near one of Wuerzburg’s main shopping streets; Eichhornstrasse. I actually discovered it during mid-summer where it was perfect for sitting al fresco and people watching. In the winter, though, it is equally as satisfying to bundle up inside among the minimalist décor and treat yourself to anything from the traditional German breakfast, a French croissant or their own take on the new café staple; avocado toast.


Brueckenbaeck Cafehaus

This is definitely the place if you’re looking for a more traditional feeling café. The atmosphere is slightly more formal but still warm and friendly and there is a huge menu of just about any breakfast you could imagine. The Munich Breakfast is a must have while in Bavaria – weisswurst (a type of sausage), pretzel, mustard and beer; in other words all the typical foods that spring to mind when thinking of Germany!  Personally I go for the bircher muesli and the view of Main river from the window seats, no better way to start a day of sightseeing.


Caffe Martinelli

Caffe Martinelli is right in the heart of Wuerzburg, down a small alleyway between the Marienkapelle and the Altemainbruecke. It’s lovely for a small snack and espresso that is definitely in competition for the best in the city. Inside it’s a cozy place, soft music and with plenty of books. Coffee and a bite sized pastry is the perfect breakfast, in my opinion!   


Of course there are plenty more options in Wuerzburg if none of these appeal, and if you're short on time I'm sure you can never be more than five minutes from a traditional bakery full of my all time favourite - laugenpretzel! 

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