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Diary of a new Würzburger: Kilianifest

Veröffentlicht von am Jul 26 2018
NEWS » Diary of a new Würzburger

I had been hearing about Kiliani Volksfest since I first arrived in Wuerzburg, almost a year ago in August, right after Kiliani had finished for another year. As much as I heard I didn’t really know what to expect from the festival! I didn’t have to wonder too much, as the event grew closer more and more posters started springing up around town, and one evening as I was sitting by the Main my friend and I noticed the glittering lights of the fairground rides across the river.


Although the festival started in the middle of the exam period, as soon as I was finished I took the first opportunity to go down to Wuerzburg’s Talavera with some friends to find out what Kiliani was all about! When we first arrived we worried we had come a little early, there weren’t many people at the entrance, just some children’s games and stalls selling gingerbread and candied nuts. When we walked around, however, we realised that the crowds grew the further in you went. We passed stalls of typical German food – pretzels and wurst, as well as crepes, Hungarian snacks, fried pastries and an impressive stand selling grilled trout straight from the barbeque!


There was no shortage of rides either – every typical fairground ride and haunted house you could imagine, and of course the photogenic ferris wheel. All in all, it seemed like a typical carnival with something of a German spin – so I was very surprised when we arrived at a huge tent… and we immediately realised we were by no means early!  At the opposite end of the tent, somewhere in the distance, was a live band and between the band and us was a sea of people drinking beer by the litre, eating every variety of German pork and dancing on benches. We squeezed onto a table, surrounded by people in dirndl and lederhosen and somehow managed to order ourselves each a mass of beer – so we could fit in!

Once the heat in the tent was overwhelming and our beer was empty, we went out and tried (or watched other people trying) the rides, occasionally picking up a snack or a beer as we walked…

The endless sunny days this summer have totally surprised me – I never thought I would be getting a tan in Germany! Kiliani Volksfest was perfect for enjoying the weather, and even though the fair is over for another year, I’m excited to see the events that August in Wuerzburg will bring!

Until next time!


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