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Diary of a new Wuerzburger: Spring in the City

Veröffentlicht von am May 03 2018
NEWS » Diary of a new Würzburger

It is possible that Germany is more famous for its colder months than any other time of year, and there’s a lot to be said for that! Starting with Oktoberfest welcoming the autumn followed by all the gluhwein and festivity of the Christmas markets it’s no wonder that it is so well known, but since April I feel like Wuerzburg has really come alive!

The first sign of spring was the Fruhjahrsvolksfest, or the Spring Festival that took place across the Main River. My friend described it as a ‘mini Oktoberfest,’ with carnival rides all day and tents full of beer and partygoers at night – some of our guests even reported seeing the opening day fireworks from Babelfish! (Photo by Sarah Chan)


Of course for any resident or even visitor to Wuerzburg it is impossible to miss the Ringpark, which has gone through many colourful phases over the last month; crocuses, daffodils, daisies and blossoms, not to mention all the squirrels! In fact, everywhere you look there are new flowers and spots of greenery, which point to the current event being held here – the Landesgartenschau. This event is running from the 12th of April until the 7th of October this year. It is a garden show that spans a number of different gardens, concepts and events around the city, particularly near the Hubland Campus – you can expect a more detailed blog on this soon!

As we are lucky enough to live in Franconia and Bavaria there are two other important activities to enjoy now that the weather is warmer! Of course, the Wuerzburg must-do of drinking a glass of Franconian wine on the Altemainbruecke is getting more popular as the weather warms up and you can stay out on the bridge to watch the late sunset behind the Marienburg Fortress. The other is well known to anyone that knows anything about Bavaria… the Biergartens! My personal favourite is the Goldene Gans, right across the bridge alongside the Main, however there are plenty to explore and choose from around town.

At Babelfish the summer activities have already begun – Bratwurst grilling (what is a German summer without that!?) and walking tours around the city. I love that the communal picnic tables are back out on the terrace, nothing makes an early morning or a late evening better than sitting outside with friends… we have already tested a few new additions to the Babelfish cookbook among coworkers and new friends outside on those benches at night – what’s better than working somewhere you don’t want to leave?

 As the weather continues to warm up you’ll probably find me at the Stadtpark, a large quiet park that’s perfect to relax in and be surprised by wild deer running across the paths! I’m looking forward to a great spring and an even better summer to come!

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