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Diary of a New Wuerzburger: Umsonst & Draussen

Veröffentlicht von am Jun 28 2018
NEWS » Diary of a new Würzburger

If you ever want to know what is going in Wuerzburg, all you ever need to do is take a walk down the main street, because there are posters being put up all the time for upcoming festivals, concerts and markets. Because of this, I had seen the city covered in posters for Umsonst & Draussen. I didn’t know what it was, I didn't even know what it meant, but when the weekened came everyone at Babelfish had their plans to go.

Umsonst & Draussen is an annual festival at Wuerzburg’s Talavera, and the name actually means ‘free and outside.’ I think that the festival is such a mix of events and stalls that ‘free and outside’ is probably the easiest way to describe it! Over the four days there are constant performers – different genres of local and visiting musicians, as well as theatre performances and other shows across three stages, apart from that, the park is lined with food stalls – plenty of beer, sausages and fries of course, but we also saw everything from Gambian to Indian to Chinese food on offer! As well as those, there is a huge market for clothes, crystals, incense and all sorts of accessories – the style is definitely hippy and alternative but whether that is your style or not it’s worth it just to take a look!

I went with a friend from Babelfish, and was totally blown away by how huge the festival is. For a Saturday night, even while Germany was playing Sweden in FIFA, the festival was busy and all the tents were full! There are quite a few random activities – we started the night by trying out the climbing wall (and failing, despite the encouragement of the coach!) and once we were tired of falling on our faces time after time, we carried on into the festival by browsing the stalls and watching a few acts on stage – it was great to see some local music from Wuerzburg, for a small city there’s a lot of real talent!

            I think the best thing about Umsonst & Draussen was the atmosphere, everyone there was totally relaxed and it was nice to be somewhere that is good for families and kids but also students and young people, it was a really friendly place to be! As we were watching the sun go down over the vineyards I heard a cheer from a food stall – some people had even worked out a way to watch FIFA in the middle of the park! It was my first time going to a festival at Talavera and now I’m already looking forward to going to this same festival next year, not to mention the Kiliani Fest in just a few weeks time!

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