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Recap: Babelfish Open Stage

Veröffentlicht von Rapha am Jun 08 2016

On Saturday, June 4th 2016 the very first Babelfish Open Stage took place. It was 8pm when around twenty hostel guests, co-workers and friends gathered in our kitchen and lounge area to watch our three special guests perform.

Illy The Kid from Würzburg opened the session with his "Acoustic Rock'n'Roll". The mixture of Blues Rock riffs, 70s attitude and his strong voice mesmerized the audience within seconds.

After Illy’s performance The Black Elephant Band from Nuremberg entered the stage. His catchy rhythms, funny lyrics and positive mood made our guests cheer and laugh.

Third, another young musician from Würzburg came to perform. EgoTherapie surprised the audience with thoughtful and diversified songs, whilst playing the guitar and the bouzouki in turns.

But the show was not over since several other artists joined the Open Stage and gave some spontaneous little gigs. Stefan and Anna sang a beautiful duet with harmonizing voices and Simon also grabbed the guitar to entertain the audience. Another of the many highlights of that evening was Lukas from EgoTherapie backing Ilja from Illy The Kid on the cajón.

In the end it was a beautiful evening with a lot of music, good entertainment, and great conversation over (also a lot of) beer and wine. We’re definitely looking forward to hosting another Open Stage pretty soon!

If you are interested in the musicians' work and would like to support them, visit their Facebook pages to stay tuned:

Head over to FB for more photos of the evening as well.

If you are interested in performing on a future Babelfish Open Stage, contact us via info[at]babelfish-hostel[dot]de or contact me directly via pressewart[dot]mrv[at]gmx[dot]de (make sure to add the words "Open Stage" in the subject line).

Cheers and see you at the Babelfish Hostel!


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