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Temporarily closed

Veröffentlicht von Rapha am Mar 20 2020


For the safety and health of our guests, families, and everyone else the Babelfish Hostel will close on SATURDAY 21 MARCH 2020

Once the situation is approaching normality again, we will gladly reopen and welcome you as our guests
Contemporarily we are planning to reopen on 30 March 2020
We will keep you up to date

In the meantime our social media team will provide you with regular information about great spots to explore and visit in Würzburg and its surrounding as soon as it will be possible again

Also, we will not stop informing you about future events in our area. And last but not least, we will present artists, musicians, and others who have stayed at the Babelfish Hostel

So, don't panic, never forget your towel, and stay tuned!

Keep the positivity alive!

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