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This week in Würzburg: 02. October - 08 October

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MONDAY 02 October:

Film: Theme Night "100 years of Red October" @Kellerperle, 20:45h:

Films about the Russion Revolution will be shown every Monday this month.

Game Night @Babelfish Hostel, 19:00h:

Join us and our guests for a fun night with card or board games and much more!


TUESDAY 03 October:

National Holiday! Be aware that shops will not be open today.

Spaghetti Day @Café Jenseits, 11:00h:

Special offers on Spaghetti all day long. Enjoy the beautiful atmosphere and yummy pasta.

Barbecue @Babelfish Hostel, 20:30h:

Free Franconian Bratwurst will be grilled for our guests on the sunny hostel terrace.


WEDNESDAY 04 October:

Jazz Jam Session "Wunschlos Jazzig" @Wunschlos Glücklich, 20:00h:

Wanna jam? Or do you prefer to have good food, fancy drinks and just listen?
Jazz lovers are invited to join us tonight for a great jam session in one of our favourite cafés. Free admission.


City Tour @Babelfish Hostel, 17:00h:

Join us for our free city tour and explore beautiful and hidden spots in Würzburg!

THURSDAY 05 October:

Ersti Party (freshmen party) @Zauberberg, 22:00h:

The Fachhochschule Würzburg-Schweinfurt is holding their freshmen party. Special offers: to drinks or the price of one. Also the DJs will make you dance on several floors.


Pub Crawl @Babelfish Hostel, 19:30h:

On this very special guided tour you will explore bars and pubs in Würzburg. Let's crawl!

FRIDAY 06 October:

Concert: Blacksmoker / The Moth / Shakhtyor @Immerhin, 21:00h:

Würzburg's Sludge Metallers Blacksmoker, the sludge band The Moth from Hamburg and Shakhtyor, Drone Doom from Hamburg invite you to join them in a sludgy, slow and powerful event.


XXL Jenga @Babelfish Hostel, 20:00h:

This huge version of the classic game Jenga promises fund and joy for all. Every brick comes with hilarious objectives.

SATURDAY 07 October:

Klein Montmartre @Alte Mainbrücke, 10:00h:

The old bridge is turning into a colourful and lively Market Place full of artists, small shops, ateliers, fun and arts.

SUNDAY 08 October:

Poetry Slam @Posthalle, 20:00h:

Würzburg's biggest poetry slam is back. In two rounds slammers can perform their poems and stories.
Admission: 10€.

Beer Tasting @Babelfish Hostel, 19:30h:

Life is full of difficult choices, such as which beer to drink at the hostel bar. Tonight you will get a free tasting of all them!

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