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This week in Würzburg: 08.05.-14.05.

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Theatre: "Bunny Rage" @Mensa Studentenhaus, 20:00h:

David Becker presents his grotesque drama about the Easter Bunny whose situation gets so bad that he either has to fire some of his staff or  let them join Santa Claus' team. While Santa's business is thriving the two old enenmies have to find some way to get along with each other. But since the bunnies working at the North Pole experience unfair treatment there, they get ready for an uprising.
The play will be shown from Monday to Friday at the Mensa Studentenhaus. The bus station right in front of the building is called "Studentenhaus" as well and you can also get there by tram - just dismount at the stations "Sanderring" or "Eichendorfstraße". The admission for the play is free.

MONDAY, 08 May:

Guinness Day @Irish Pixie, 18:00h:

Oh thanks, Lord, it's Guinness Day! Tonight every glass of the fine Irish beer is only 3,30€. This might become a boozy night with great music, lots of interesting people and good drinks. Also you will find some anglophone native speakers in this bar. Würzburg's finest Irish Pub is located in Karmelitenstraße, next to the Market Square, and can be reached by foot.

TUESDAY, 09 May:

Film: "Bienvenue à Marly-Gormont" @Central im Bürgerbräu, 18:15h:

French film with German subtitles!
The doctor Seyolo Zantoko from Congo has applied for a job in a small village North of Paris. While him and his family expected to move to an urban place, they find themselves within villagers who have never before seen an African doctor and seem to be reserved. The film is about their struggle finding their new home far away from their own roots.
The Central Cinema is in the district of Zellerau. Best way to get there is to take the bus to the station "Bürgerbräu" or the tram going to "Sieboldmuseum".


Semester Opening Party @Club Ludwig, 22:00h:

Summer term has started, let's dance!
Club Ludwig invites you all to their legendary Semester  Opening Party - no matter if you're a student or not. Join the dancefloor where DJ Santropolis is waiting to entertain you and make you move or show off your talent at the Karaoke Bar. Fine beverages will be sold at the bars and for the smokers there  is a fancy terrace, so you don't have to walk down to the street to have a smoke.
Club Ludwig is in the pedestrian precinct in Kaiserstraße - only some few minutes to walk from Babelfish Hostel.


Concert: Natascha Bell & Elin Bell: "(No) Sisters" @Wunschlos Glücklich, 19:00h:

The two songwriters who by accident have the same last name feel like sisters when playing music together. They will serve you with JazzPop and PopJazz created by a piano and a guitar who merge together on stage and two voices who both take the lead and both support each other. This concert will be a gorgeous synergy of music, voices and happiness in the beautiful venue Wunschlos Glücklich.
The admission is free and the venue in Bronnbachgasse is only 10 minutes walking distance from the hostel.

FRIDAY, 12 May:

Party: "808 Klub" with Suff Daddy and DJMQ @Kurt und Komisch, 22:00h:

Würzburg's fanciest basement club opensits doors for a wild night of dancing and partying. The vaulted rooms cotain two bars serving trendy drinks and a huge dancefloor. There the two DJs Suff Daddy and DJMQ will be at the turntables for Hiphop, Trap, Funk and Urban Hits from all parts of the globe.
The venue is located in Sanderstraße - the heart of Würzburg's nightlife. You can get there by foot or by taking a tram to station "Sanderring".


Concert: "Enter the stage" @B-Hof, 20:00h:

This up-and-coming band contest presents the best young artists of the area around Würzburg. You can choose to pay between 1€ and 10€ and while the first act is on stage, you will receive ballots to vote for your favourite artists. Those ballots won't be available afterwards, so come to the event on time!
Support young acts and be the first who saw them on stage. The B-Hof is a beautiful youth centre in Kettengasse between the Residence and the Dome which can easily be reached by foot. Their vaulted basement contains a great bar, powerful sound, a huge stage and much space to dance.

SUNDAY, 14 May:

"KIWANIS CUP" soap box derby @Wittelsbacherstraße, 09:30h:

For the 22nd time the great soap box derby in Wittelsbacherstraße takes place. Racers from eight years on will compete in six categories and two races each. Get ready to cheer at the competitors and have a joyful afternoon at the derby.
Wittelsbacherstraße is in the district of Frauenland. To get there you can take a bus to station "Wittelsbacher Straße".

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