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This week in Würzburg: 09 October - 15 October

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MONDAY 09 October:

Vegan VoKü (vegan community kitchen) @Cairo, 17:30h:

For a little donation you can have tasty dishes while enjoying the best of atmospheres.

Game Night @Babelfish Hostel, 19:00h:

Join us and our guests for a fun night with card or board games and much more!


TUESDAY 10 October:

Spaghetti Day @Café Jenseits, 11:00h:

Special offers on Spaghetti all day long. Enjoy the beautiful atmosphere and yummy pasta.

Barbecue @Babelfish Hostel, 20:30h:

Free Franconian Bratwurst will be grilled for our guests on the sunny hostel terrace.


WEDNESDAY 11 October:

Kizomba @La Bamba, 21:00h:

In the beautiful basement bar, Luis Salsa will instruct you to the basics and many more steps of Kizomba.

City Tour @Babelfish Hostel, 17:00h:

Join us for our free city tour and explore beautiful and hidden spots in Würzburg!

THURSDAY 12 October:

Ersti Party (freshmen party) @Labyrinth, 22:00h:

The Faculty for teachers of special needs education is holding their freshmen party. Special offers on drinks all night, good music and lots of fun are guaranteed.

Pub Crawl @Babelfish Hostel, 19:30h:

On this very special guided tour you will explore bars and pubs in Würzburg. Let's crawl!

FRIDAY 13 October:

Concert: Kofelgschroa & Zitronenpüppies @Waldschänke Dornheim, 19:00h:

Traditional but modern. Kofelgschroa play modern Folk from Oberammergau at the fantastic Dornheim. They will be supported by Zitronenpüppies. This is a special event you should not miss.

Party: Quentin Tarantino - Hommage and food massage @Standard, 23:00h:

Dive into the fantastic world of Quentin Tarantino and have a beautiful night between Mia, Django, Mister Pink and many more. If you dance too much you should ask Vince for a food massage later.

XXL Jenga @Babelfish Hostel, 20:00h:

This huge version of the classic game Jenga promises fund and joy for all. Every brick comes with hilarious objectives.

SATURDAY 14 October:

Concert: Bob Ross Effect - Versus You - Captain Crack @Immerhin, 20:00h:

Würzburg's Punk Rock Band Bob Ross Effect will present their new album to you in the gloriuos Immerhin. The talented band will be supported by Versus You from Luxembourg and Captain Crack from Würzburg.

SUNDAY 15 October:

Basketball: First League Match Day: Würzburg Baskets vs Walter Tiges Tübingen @s.Oliver Arena 20:00h:

Würzburg's succesful Basketball Team has another Match Day in the highest league in Germany and their competitors come from Tübingen this time. Have a nice day out and enoy some high qualitiy sports.

Beer Tasting @Babelfish Hostel, 19:30h:

Life is full of difficult choices, such as which beer to drink at the hostel bar. Tonight you will get a free tasting of all them!

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