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This week in Würzburg: 10.04.-16.04.

Veröffentlicht von Rapha am Apr 10 2017

MONDAY, April 10

Art: UNBEKANNTES MEER – UNKNOWN SEAS @ Rathaus, 8.30am-1pm
Photo artist and anthropologist Anja Meixner is showing a preview of her 2017 exhibition “Mare Incognitium” at the town hall this week.

Music / Open Stage: WUNSCHLOS JAZZING @ Wunschlos Glücklich, 8pm
One of our favourite Cafés in town is hosting a Jazz jam session once a month. Enjoy a nice evening out or even get up on stage yourself! “Wunschlos Jazzing” is brought to you by the JAZZini Würzburg.

TUESDAY, April 11

Concert: DAT ADAM @ Posthalle, doors 6.30pm
Never heard of cyber rap? Don’t worry, we didn’t too up until now …

Musical: JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR @ Mainfranken Theater, 7.30pm
The Mainfranken Theater is bringing Andrew Lloyd Webber’s infamous rock opera “Jesus Christ Superstar” to Würzburg. Make sure to get your tickets early!


Freakshow-in-Concert: KUHN FU @ Standard, 8pm
“Dutch post-jazz-rock weirdo foursome KUHN FU is giving us a show in Würzburg at renowned underground basement club Standard! Although appearing to sound very jazzy, the guys like to explode unexpectedly in mid-swing, so take care to bring a bodyguard along to the concert! See you there!” – Charly / FSiC

Concert: TALES OF MURDER AND DUST @ Kellerperle, doors 7pm
“Tales of Murder and Dust (DK) play apocalyptic, dark, experimental psych delivered with elegant, razorsharp precision and chilling assaults of beautiful noise.”

THURSDAY, April 13

Party: FREAKY KARAOKE @ Hollywood, 8pm
500.000 songs, 5 flat screens, great specials, cocktail happy hour – welcome to the Hollywood’s “holy hall of singing”! 

Club: NORMALE DONNERSTAGSDISKO @ Kurt & Komisch, 11pm
Rap and disco brought to you by QNOE, free entry!

FRIDAY, April 14

Art: OVERFLOW - UNDERTOW @ Arte Noah, 3pm-6pm
The current exhibition concept at the “Arte Noah” by Yvonne Kendall and Henning Eichinger plays with the themes of water, flows, and drifts. Since the exhibition space is rather small, we’d recommend making some additional plans like going for a nice walk along the Main river.

Pub: LIVE MUSIC @ Irish Pixie, 8pm
Live music at the “Pixie” doesn’t mean it’s folk songs only. Also: Guinness, Kilkenny, Cider on tap, and a great selection of whiskeys and malts. Cheers!

SATURDAY, April 15

Concert / Party: F.U.C.K. @ Posthalle, doors 9pm
AC/DC, InExtremo, Metallica, Volbeat, Rammstein, Iron Maiden, Sabaton, System Of A Down, Slipknot, FFDP – the hard’n’heavy coverband F.U.C.K. are playing at the Posthalle this Saturday. Hell Yeah! 

Party: SATURDAY NIGHT ROCK @ Labyrinth, 10pm
Metal, Punk, Hardcore, Retrorock, … you name it. Bonus: buy one get one free on all bottled beers!

SUNDAY, April 16

Easter Market: OSTERN & KUNST @ Steinburg, 11am-6pm
The Steinburg makes for a nice destination if you’re up for a hike in the vineyards (nice view over Würzburg!). Their annual Easter Market, a traditional arts and crafts fair, is taking place for the 23rd time this year; various artists are presenting their work around the theme of Easter.

Easter: OSTER-JAZZ! @ Dornheim, 1pm
If you fancy a nice relaxed afternoon this Sunday, we’d recommend swinging by the “Dornheim” – live jazz, street food, maybe an Easter egg or two.

Party: EAST END DUBS @ MS Zufriedenheit, 11pm
“The London producer EAST END DUBS has made a name for himself with a deep and dark brand of house music on his own eponymously entitled label.”

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