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This week in Würzburg, 22.08.-28.08.

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Exhibition: "In wechselnden Farben" @Kolping Center Würzburg:

The two Iranian artists Maneis Arbab and Rashid Jalaei present their works about their home, their history, culture and also about political issues and migration. German artist Gabi Weinkauf introduces you to the collection of paintings and photographs in the Kolping Center.

The exhibition will be held until Septemer 15th and can be attended from Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm; the Kolping Center is only 5 minutes to walk from the Babelfish Hostel.

Exhibition: "angesichts" @Museum am Dom:

This exhibition presents portraits and self-portraits from artists of all epoches. More than 100 paintings and pictures can be seen in the Museum am Dom for only 3,50€ entry fee.

The exhibition will remain there until the end of this week - the last official guided tour will be held at 3pm on Sunday, August 28th. Opening hours are 10am to 6pm, Tuesday to Sunday.


MONDAY, August 22nd:


Babelfish BBQ on the terrace, 8pm:

The hostel invites you to tasty Franconian hotdogs for free!

Have a fun time with other guests and our passionate BBQ chef Schmu on the terrace.

Oooh Montag! @Club Katze, 10pm:

One of Würzburg's legendary parties! Within the first hour every drink is only 1€ and the price increases by 1€ every hour (but will never be more expensive than the regular price).

Party and dance on a great dancefloor in this awesome basement club - it will be open until 5am.


TUESDAY, August 23rd:


Babelfish City Tour, 5pm:

Are you excited to get introduced to beautiful hidden spots of Würzburg?

Join our city guide Katie to discover the town's beauty - you won't regret it!

Casino Mexicano @Enchilada, 8pm:

The ideal combination of gambling and Latin American cocktails you can get in town!

Roll a dice and let its outcome decide how much you pay for each cocktail.

Feeling lucky? The Enchilada opens the Casino Mexicano at 8pm and also serves tasty meals.


WEDNESDAY, August 24th:


Game Night @Babelfish Hostel, 8pm:

Wanna play a game? Or several?

Babelfish Hostel invites you to a fun evening with many many different games, interesting people and nice chats in our lobby.

Zwiebelkirchweih @Semmelstraße, 11:30am:

Every August 24th the beautiful Semmelstraße in Würzburg holds the Zwiebelkirchweih.

The first Federweißer (freshly made wine) of the new season will be poured here and there will be a lot of "Zwiebelblootz" (onion cake) - a Franconian delicacy.


THURSDAY, August 25th:


Babelfish Beer Tasting, 8pm:

Schmu will present local beer from Würzburg and Werneck to you for free.

Have a comfortable and chatty evening with some background information about different types of Franconian beer from Ale to Weißbier.

If the weather is beautiful, it will take place on our sunny terrace.

Weinparade @Market Square, 5pm:

All vineyards from Würzburg will present and sell their wines on this huge open air festival from August 25th to September 4th.

The opening ceremony will begin at 5pm, all other days the feast will be open from 11am to 11pm.


FRIDAY, August 26th:

Kult Freitag @Nachtwächter, 8pm:

Würzburg's oldest student bar presents its culty Friday program.

Join interesting people in a beautiful pub with great music and good drinks near Würzburg's most busy partying area.

D-A-S Doppel @Labyrinth, 10pm:

Do you like rock music? If so, this is the place for you to go

The Labyrinth has a huge dancefloor, a gorgeous bistro and a unique outside area. Distelhäuser, Augustiner and Schlappeseppel beer will be sold 2 for the price of 1!


SATURDAY, August 27th:


Babelfish Open Stage Vol. III, 8pm:

For the third time in 2016 the Babelfish Hostel will invite you to the Open Stage.

Raphael will present two local special guests to you in our lobby - everyone is invited to grab an instrument and join in!

Have a drink and enjoy live music for free in the hostel!


Yoga @Stadtstrand, 11am:

Würzburg's beach bar Stadtstrand offers a sandy and relaxing yoga lesson.


SUNDAY, August 28th:


Jenga Night @Babelfish Hostel, 8pm:

What is even more fun than Jenga? Right! Giant Jenga in the Babelfish Hostel.

Huge bricks, awesome people and some surprises are wating for you.

Tatort @Standard, 8pm:

Germany's most popular weekly crime novel "Tatort" will be shown on great canvas in the Standard's basement.

The friendly and comfy pub will also be open for regular guests who like to have a drink or one of their excellent meals.

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