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This week in Würzburg: 24.07. - 30.07.

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MONDAY 24 July:

Vegan BBQ @Café Cairo, 17:30h:

It's time for yummy Monday at the Café Cairo again. Pay whatever you want at this communal event in on of Würzburg's most beautiful backyards. Vegan food and fancy drinks will be provided by the Cairo staff and their friends.

Game Night @Babelfish Hostel, 19:00h:

Join Max and our guests for a fun night with card or board games and much more!


TUESDAY 25 July:

Karaoke @Till Eulenspiegel, 19:00h:

Sing when you're winning. And if you don't, just sing. At the head of Würzburg's most lively street you have the chance to present your voice when singing Karaoke. Good music, good drinks, beautiful people. No reason to miss this.

Barbecue @Babelfish Hostel, 18:30h:

Free Franconian Bratwurst will be grilled for our guests on the sunny hostel terrace.



Concert: Gisela João @Hafensommer Würzburg, 20:30h:

Tonight at the great Hafensommer Festival: Portugal's famous Gisela João. The best experience if you are about to enjoy a great evening at the docks while listening to music that will escort you to another beautiful planet. Planning on having a rendez-vous? This might be the place!


City Tour @Babelfish Hostel, 17:00h:

Join us for our free city tour and explore beautiful and hidden spots in Würzburg!


Party: Nachtseminar @das Boot, 22:00h:

All your seminars are over and you don't know what to do? Or you just want to dance? Excellent! Das Boot is the palce to be tonight. The DJs Dietbeat, Chrizz and Marco Mora will play RnB, Funk and House all night long for you on two decks. If you need some fresh air, you can always go to the bulwark.

Pub Crawl @Babelfish Hostel, 19:30h:

On this very special guided tour you will explore bars and pubs in Würzburg. Let's crawl!

FRIDAY 28 July:

Party: Friday Night Rock @Laby, 22:00h:

It's all about the Rock! This culty party has made people happy for centuri... erm for decades. Special offers on beer, longrinks, cocktails and softdrinks. Also you'll get yummy snacks at the bar. But be careful since it mit get ROCKY on the dancefloor!

XXL Jenga @Babelfish Hostel, 20:00h:

This huge version of the classic game Jenga promises fund and joy for all. Every brick comes with hilarious objectives.


Party: Punk as F**k @Laby, 22.00h:

Laby again? Laby again! Fast your seatbelts (or braces) for this journey from the early 70s until nowadays' Punk Rock. They will play Punk and related genres on the dancefloor all night long. Uncomb your hair and have the best night in this club. Special offers on drinks are given of course. Let's go Punk effing Rock!

SUNDAY 30 July:

Tatort @Standard, 20:00h:

(event and description in German language)

Zum Abschluss der Woche in gemütlicher und freundlicher Runde bei einem kühlen Getränk den Tatort genießen? Dann seid ihr hier richtig. Das Standard lädt zum fröhlichen Krimi-Abend ein.

Beer Tasting @Babelfish Hostel, 19:30h:

Life is full of difficult choices, such as which beer to drink at the hostel bar. Tonight you will get a free tasting of all them!

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