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This week in Würzburg: 24/09 - 30/09/2018

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MONDAY 24 September:

Vegan Communal Kitchen @Café Cairo, 17:30h:

The summer break is over and the vegan communal kitchen is back. Today EWO Eat Well Organisation invites you to a tasty meal made from saved food that was way too good to go.

Getränkepyramide @Club Katze, 22:00h:

During the first hour every drink is only 1€. With every hour the drinks become more expensive. Better go there early.

BBQ @Babelfish Hostel, 19:00h:

Monday is sausage day! Join us on the terrace for a beautiful evening with German bratwurst.

TUESDAY 25 September:

Monkey Disko @Labyrinth, 22:00h:

Do the monkey and enjoy Tuesday Night!
Special offer on many drinks and the best chips in town are provided all night. You like Indie, Rock, Pop, Alternative? This is the place to be tonight.

Meditation @FreiRaum, 19:00h:

Tuesday is the day to cool down. Join a lot of friendly people at FreiRaum and discover new spheres of relaxation and peace.

City Tour @Babelfish Hostel, 17:30h:

Join us for our free city tour and explore beautiful and hidden spots in Würzburg!

WEDNESDAY 26 September:

Freakshow in Concert: Chromb & Poil @Immerhin, 20:00h:

Progressive and Experimental Rock Music from France in a Double Feature! Come to the Immerhin and go wild. Those two bands will make you.

Language Exchange Tandem Meetup @Café MartinZ, 19:00h:

Tandem up and learn new languages. All tongues and levels are welcome. Let's have a great time together.

Sneak Preview @CinemaxX, 20:30h:

Discover an unreleased film before everone else at this great Sneak Preview!

Beer Tasting @Babelfish Hostel, 19:30h:

Life is full of difficult choices, such as which beer to drink at the hostel bar. Tonight you will get a free tasting of all them!

THURSDAY 27 Setember:

Concert: Baby Kreuzberg @Wunschlos Glücklich, 19:00h:

Trashy Country, bluesy Folk and lots of weirdness and heart. Baby Kreuzberg has got his semi-acoustic guitar and his voice ready for you.

Yoga @FreiRaum, 17:00h:

Free Yoga courses take place at the FreiRaum every Thursday.

Pub Crawl @Babelfish Hostel, 21:30h:

On this very special guided tour you will explore bars and pubs in Würzburg. Let's crawl!

FRIDAY 28 September:

Concert: Rotten Mind / Eaten by Snakes / Morbus Schmidt @Immerhin, 21:00h:

Rotten Mind are nihilistic and ice cold Punk Rockers from Sweden who are presenting their third full-time album "Fading into Oblivion". They will be supported by Pop- and Synth-Punkers Eaten by Snakes from Bielefeld and Morbus Schmidt from Schweinfurt.

Erntedank @Waldschänke Dornheim, 11:00h:

Autumn is here and the crops are being gathered. Time to celebrate Erntedank! At the Dornheim there will be lots of food, drinks, music, arts and much more. Afterwards there'll be a party.

Würzburg strahlt - LED Festival @Manny Green, 21:00h:

Black Light, Neons and LEDs everywhere! This is going to be a party you will remember.

You!Me!Dancing! @MS Zufriedenheit, 23:30h:

It's time for Rock, Tronic and Indie Music. Put on your Chucks and Vans and get into your striped shirt, and have a fun night out as if it were the 00s.

Friday Night Rock @Labyrinth, 21:00h:

Rock rock rock all night! Also there will be special offers on beer: pay one, get two!

XXL Jenga @Babelfish Hostel, 20:00h:

This huge version of the classic game Jenga promises fun and joy for all. Every brick comes with hilarious objectives.

SATURDAY 29 September:

Adalberoflohmarkt @Adalberokirche, 07:00h:

One of the greatest flea markets in Würzburg takes place at the district of Sanderau. Find great stuff, have fun with nice people, good food, and fantastic entertainment.

Concert: Kettenfett @Immerhin, 23:30h:

Midnight Punkrock! Kettenfett will tear everything apart that is still intact at this time. Come and get some!

Concert: The Trouble Notes "Lose Your Ties Tour" @Café Cairo, 19:30h:

Lose Your Ties are from Chicago, London and Braunschweig and they play intelligent World Music/Indie with a violin. Enjoy music from everywhere for everyone.

Concert: Bonn / Yass / Seattle Jay @Kellerperle, 20:00h:

Bonn from Würzburg is realsing their new record. The Rock'n'Roll Duo finaly arrived somewhere between Noise, Post-Punk, and Beauty. Support Acts are Yass from the Black Forest and Seattly Jay from Würzburg.

myWürzburg Language Exchange @Café MartinZ, 19:00h:

All languages welcome! Come join us and talk, learn and enjoy languages of all over the world. Afterwards we're having a party at La Bamba.

SUNDAY 30 September:

Schnitzel Day @Jenseits, 11:00h:

For the last day of the week we recommend all Schnitzels for 8,50€!

Game Night @Babelfish Hostel, 20:30h:

Join us and our guests for a fun night with card or board games and much more!

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