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This Week in Würzburg: 28.11.-04.12.

Veröffentlicht von Rapha am Nov 28 2016

·         ALL WEEK


·         MONDAY 28.11.

Ausstellung: Ewa Ludwiczak (art exhibition)
@ Kunsthaus Michel (Semmelstraße), 10am-6pm
Polish artist EWA LUDWICZACK
“moved to Germany at the age of 19 and started her studies at a private art school, where she was finally able to concentrate fully on improving her artistic skills. It was there that she learnt the importance of drawing which, in her case, became the key to understanding her subject matter and enabled her to explore different art genres, such as storybook illustration and watercolour painting. She fell in love with watercolour shortly after graduating and has been experimenting with different methods to teach herself this difficult medium.” A selection of her works is shown at Kunsthaus Michel ‘til November 30th.

Virtueller Filmclub: Machete (cinema)

@ Central Programmkino (Bürgerbräu Gelände), 8.30pm
At the VFC of Würzburg’s alternative cinema Central, the audience gets to decide which movies are shown. This time around the choice fell on MACHETE (2010, original version with subtitles) aka “A Pissed Off Mexican Out to Settle a Score”. Synopsis: “The highly skilled Federale Machete is hired by some unsavory types to assassinate a senator. But just as he's about to take the shot, he notices someone aiming at him and realizes he's been set up. He barely survives the sniper's bullet, and is soon out for revenge on his former employers, with the reluctant assistance of his brother Cheech Marin, who has become a priest and taken a vow of nonviolence. If you hire him to take out the bad guys, make sure the bad guys aren't you!” Watch the trailer here.

Cinéma Africain: Mali Blues (cinema)
@ Central Programmkino (Bürgerbräu Gelände), 8.30pm
Not in the mood for a trashy movie but for an evening at the cinema? Maybe the 2016 documentary MALI BLUES (original version with subtitles) tickles your fancy instead. Synopsis: “Mali's Music defines the country's cultural identity. Radical Islamists are threatening the musicians. Together with the stars of Malian Global Pop - Fatoumata Diawara, Bassekou Kouyaté Master Soumy and Ahmed Ag Kaedi - we embark on a musical journey to Mali's agitated heart. Can their music reconcile the country?” Watch the trailer here.

·         TUESDAY 29.11.

Babelfish City Tour
@ Babelfish Hostel; 5pm
Tour the city with Katie! Meet in front of the hostel at 5pm, where we will start our free City Tour. Enjoy walking to some of the historic sites of Würzburg and get to know the old town from a local’s point of view.

Bulgarian Folk Dance (workshop)
@ Jugendkulturhaus Cairo, 7pm-9pm
“The workshop is for everyone who wants to learn how to dance Bulgarian folk dances. It doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner or you have danced before, we gather to have fun. The group is entirely voluntary and it will be nice if everyone could contribute with something - e.g. desire, good mood or something else. The workshop is in English, free of charge and everyone is welcome!” #traveldeeper

Benni Benson – “Alles ist ehrlich” Solo Tour (singer/songwriter)
@ Kellerperle, 7pm
Singer / songwriter BENNI BENSON
tells stories that everyone knows, in his own way, in his own words, in his own clarity, so you can find yourself in them.

·         WEDNESDAY 30.11.

Babelfish Games Night
@ Hostel Lounge, 8pm
Get together and make new friends at the Babelfish! Meet in our lounge for a fun evening of card and/or board games with staff members and fellow travelers.

Doppelheadlinershow! Skindread & Zebrahead (Ragga Punk Metal/Punk/Pop-Punk)

@ Posthalle, 7.30pm
reputation for producing the ultimate spark-spraying state-of-the-art sound clash, combining all manner of seemingly disparate musical elements into an irresistibly exhilarating explosion of energy and cross-pollinated cultural fervour has rightly earned them a reputation as a band capable of uniting people from all corners of the globe and making every last one of them tear up the dancefloor with a giant shit-eating grin plastered across their faces.”
first broke ground, erupting into the Southern California rock scene in the mid-'90s, the act was instantly recognized as a pioneer of a hybridized genre that, to this day, has not only lasted, but continues to flourish both domestically and internationally. And with members fully engaged in their craft, Zebrahead's continued drive has no chance of letting down anytime soon.”
Together the two bands currently are on Winter Europe Tour, stopping in Würzburg this Wednesday.

·         THURSDAY 01.12.

UNICEF Benefizkonzert zum Welt-Aids Tag (Indie/Punk/Rock)
@ Jugendkulturhaus Cairo, 7.30pm
For World Aids Day, the Cairo is organizing a charity concert with young and upcoming bands DAMION & FREUNDE, BLUNAA, and FRED BONESKIN. Have a great night and support a good cause!  

Ganz normale Donnerstagsdisko (clubbing/Rap/808/Disco)
@ Waldschänke Dornheim, 11pm
QNOE’s Donnerstagsdisko heralds the upcoming weekend, since 2012.

·         FRIDAY 02.12.

Rap 4 Refugees w/ Amewu & Eloquent (Rap/Hip Hop)
@ B-Hof, 7pm / after show @ MS Zufriedenheit, 11pm
“Rap 4 Refugees” with AMEWU, ELOQUENT, SL.K&PHILO, and RAMEEN. The concert’s proceeds support the youth work at B-Hof, especially their Hip Hop workshops for underage refugees. Also, there’s an after show party with ECKE PRENZ at the MS Zufriedenheit!

Swedenborg Raum (Progessive Psychadelic Rock)
@ Immerhin, 9pm
refers to the experimental series Riget from Lars von Trier. This 'room' describes the space between this life and the afterworld, a subject the Swedish philosopher Emanuel Swedenborg already wrote about in the 18th century. The struggle of ghosts and demons inside the Swedenborg Raum is being interpreted by the three musicians. The psychedelic rock band released their first album Swedenborg Raum, which was played at more than 120 concerts over Europe. The project combines the different influences of the members former musical experiments, which results in stoner-, space-, psychedelic- and prog-rock, also doom-metal in its simple but hard way.”

Lastrave: Quantensprung (clubbing/Electro)
@ Club Katze, 11pm
The LASTRAVE events are somewhat shrouded in mystery, but seem to be the latest craze in Nuremberg at least

·         SATURDAY 03.12.

Rotz & Wasser: Myhalis Theorie + Soul Jedi (Hip Hop/Rap/Soul/Funk)
@ Standard, 8pm
MYHALIS THEORIE from Schweinfurt is playing at the Standard this weekend, supported by SOUL JEDI for a funky after show party. The concert supports the cause of Viva con Agua.

Moop Mama – Mooptopia Tour 2016 (Urban Bass)
@ Posthalle, 7.30pm
“is the combination of street music philosophy, brass band and funky protest hardcore hip hop à la Rage Against The Machine. Munich's most blatant brass section and most badass rhymes.“ 

Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re / つしまみれ (Art Punk)
@ Immerhin, 9pm
MA MI RE is freaky All-Girl Art Punk Rock from Japan.
Their music is influenced by all kinds of genres (Rock, Punk, Garage, Funk, Pop, Metal, Hip Hop, children’s songs, you name it) and their live performance is “absolutely great”. The girls currently are touring Europe for the first time ever in their 15-year band history and are making a stop at the Immerhin this Saturday. Get excited!

·         SUNDAY 04.12.

Babelfish Jenga Night
@ Babelfish Hostel; 7:30pm
Jenga – the XXL version! Meet at our lounge area for a fun evening of games and hanging out.


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