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This week in Würzburg: 31 July - 06 August

Veröffentlicht von am Jul 31 2017


MONDAY 31 July:

Party: Getränkepyramide @Club Katze, 22:00h:

The clock is ticking. Every drink on the menu is 1€ during the first hour and the prices will rise by 1€ per hour (but the beverages will never be more expensive than they are on the menu). For only 4€ admission you can join this event (3€ if you have the Club Katze App on your phone). Between the bars there is a fancy dancefloor where you can move your hips.

Game Night @Babelfish Hostel, 19:00h:

Join Max and our guests for a fun night with card or board games and much more!


TUESDAY 01 August:

Casino Mexicano @Enchilada, 20:00h:

It's time to gamble! You roll the dices and let fortune decide what you pay for your cocktail. Between yummy Mexican food, great ambient and beautiful people this is the kind of thrill a Tuesday night is yearning for.

Barbecue @Babelfish Hostel, 20:30h:

Free Franconian Bratwurst will be grilled for our guests on the sunny hostel terrace.


WEDNESDAY 02 August:

Concert: Tingvall Trio @Hafensommer, 20:30h:

Sweden's piano player Martin Tingvall is one of the most important names in contemporary Jazz music. Together with his friends Omar Rodriguez Calco (bass) and Jürgen Spiegel (drums) he will present their newest CD at the Hafensommer Festival. It's time for some Jazz!


City Tour @Babelfish Hostel, 17:00h:

Join us for our free city tour and explore beautiful and hidden spots in Würzburg!

THURSDAY 03 August:

Party: Nachtseminar @das Boot, 22:00h:

All your seminars are over and you don't know what to do? Or you just want to dance? Excellent! Das Boot is the palce to be tonight. The DJs Dietbeat, Chrizz and Marco Mora will play RnB, Funk and House all night long for you on two decks. If you need some fresh air, you can always go to the bulwark.

Pub Crawl @Babelfish Hostel, 19:30h:

On this very special guided tour you will explore bars and pubs in Würzburg. Let's crawl!

FRIDAY 04 August:

Concert: Tinariwen @Hafensommer, 20:00h:

Tuareg and Maghreb melodies, electric guitars, Jamaican influences, synthesizers, ... this seven-piece band from North Africa is a wild and beautiful mix of many cultures, vibes, feelings and views. Be sure not to miss this one.

XXL Jenga @Babelfish Hostel, 20:00h:

This huge version of the classic game Jenga promises fund and joy for all. Every brick comes with hilarious objectives.

SATURDAY 05 August:

Concert: Macabre @Immerhin, 21:00h:

Macabre always had a passion for mass murderers. And they even made a whole album about Jeffrey Dahmer.
Great Death Metal with a very own note.

SUNDAY 06 August:

Concert: Siberian Meat Grinder @Laby, 20:00h:

Hardcore Punk from Russia. This band is known for their great shows and fast tracks. Get ready to get wrecked!
Support: Hate Me Tomorrow (Schweinfurt) and Unbesiegt (Würzburg).

Beer Tasting @Babelfish Hostel, 19:30h:

Life is full of difficult choices, such as which beer to drink at the hostel bar. Tonight you will get a free tasting of all them!

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