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Any time in Würzburg: The Green West Part II

Veröffentlicht von Rapha am May 11 2020

Hello friends!

As long as we are closed we still want to provide you with positivity and with information on what beautiful things you can experience in and around Würzburg.

This week's post ist the second part of a threefold hike through the Western margins of Würzburg. Expect beautiful green and calm places.
Our journey continues in the Annaschlucht.

Part VIb: The Annaschlucht

Annaschlucht means "Anna's Gorge" or "Anna's Canyon". When you leave the Steinbachtal the way we did last week , you can directly enter the Annaschlucht.

The Annaschlucht is a human-made canyon that once used to be a wild gorge. In the early 20th century Valentin Alois Fischer from the Club for Adornments in Würzburg began remodelling the canyon. The name Anna derives from Fischer's only daughter who died at young age.

In 1941 the Annaschlucht received its status as a nature monument. That means, the gorge contents extraordinairy geological, ecological, historical and biological features.

Mr Valentin Alois Fischer who initiated the modelling  by the way, was buried in the gorge and you can still see his gravestone when passing through.

In comparism to the Steinbachtal the hike through the Annaschlucht is rather short. You can easily cross the gorge within 30 minutes. The landscape is yet very impressive. And also, we hope you like stairs and walking up hill because that's what we are going to do for the next 30 minutes.

A wooden ballustrade accompanies you when you walk up. Steep slopes and plenty of steps mark the way. But the really interesting part is left and right of the track.

A little creek runs down the hill. Shrubery, bushes and trees create a green roof for this calm area. If you come here on a very hot day, you can easily refresh yourself. The air is so clean and the temperature is way more pleasant than outside the forest where the sun is directly shining onto the ground.

And of course, there is some wild game as well. Bigger mammals are hardly to be found in this area, but you will see plenty of rodents such as squirrels. Also, there are plenty of birds and other small creatures who live here.

In the lower regions the plants are a bit smaller but the further you climb up hill, the more overgrown the area gets.

The Annaschlucht is the perfect example for an idyll. Per definitionem idyll means peaceful and symbiotic coexistence of nature and human life. In the Annaschlucht the countryside is of course modelled and there are stairs, ballustrades, benches and even a bridge. But nature was not driven away from here. Thus, you will see finches or other little animals sitting on human-made structures within a calm forest: an idyll.

The Annaschlucht is an ideal place to rest at. You don't have to rush through here. So if you just want to enjoy the good air, inhale the positive atmosphere and relax, this is a great place to do so. You can take a seat on one of the benches, watch and listen to the whooshing of the trees and have some lunch.

Again, don't litter! Show some respect towards nature and take your garbage home so you can throw it into a trash can there.

Of course, the Annaschlucht is a passage as well. So, if you came from the Steinbachtal like we did, this is the ideal connection to get to the Frankenwarte, to the muncipality of Höchberg or to the Käppele.

Therefore, you just continue climbing up hill. There is nothing you can do wrong since there is only one way leading straight up. A very distinctive spot is the bridge which crosses the canyon. It also indicates that soon you will reach the end of the gorge.

Once you are out of the forest, you can suddenly watch over great parts of Würzburg. At this spot you can decide whether you want to go down hill and thus go back to town or if you want to explore more. Guess what we did?

We took a left turn and therefore approached the municipality of Höchberg and the Frankenwarte. Here, there is another bus station for those of you who are tired and prefer to have some tea or wine in town. Also you could go to Höchberg and look for a bakery or a pub there.

At the margin of the municipality there is the Frankenwarte. This huge building was completed around the year 1900 and since then is a watchtower that allows you to see over the valley where Würzburg is situated.

Nowadays, the Frankenwarte also hosts the academy for political education. Also, several radio masts are nearby maing the area very important for public broadcasting in the Würzburg region.

At the Frankenwarte, wen then took a right turn and entered the gardens and parks of the area. This way you can get to the Käppele. If you want to follow us there, stay with us. The last and final part of this hike will be published on Monday, 18 May 2020.

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